Penn.Goat is family run business located at Pennoak Farm in Penn, Buckinghamshire in High Wycombe and offers high quality, hand reared, free range goat meat for festivals including Eid and Qurbani, functions and restaurants who want to offer a range of goat dishes. We are probably the only goat farm producing meat in the south east of England, and supply products throughout the UK.

Our goats are free range Boer cross goat which is a large and bulky type of animal renown for high quality and tasty meat. Every goat supplied for meat is at least 3 months old and less than 1 year, therefore in its prime for the best meat. Plus each goat is treated with care, given outdoor grazing in our 3000m2 land and fed properly to ensure we are farming within and exceeding guidelines set by DEFRA, and UK food agencies. No artificial chemicals, hormones or growth products are used, and even the goat feed is approved for its compliance.

Our goat meat is 100% traceable, stamped for quality and complies to halal certification.

We welcome visits to our farm and offer you the choice of animal.

We believe excellent animal welfare practices are essential for an excellent final product. All our goats are outdoor reared, free range and are free from any kind of artificial chemicals or hormones. 

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Halal goat meat in bucks


Welcome to Penn.Goat!

Penn.Goat is located at Pennoak Farm in Penn, Buckinghamshire in High Wycombe. We are a family run business who hand rear our own goats and always make sure that you are receiving the best quality organic farmed meat.
Our meat is premium quality guaranteed, 100% halal, 100% traceable and ideally suited to major festivals as supplied as a whole goat.

Come and visit Penn.Goat today to grab yourself top quality goat meat at guaranteed quality!


We will only sell goats
after 3 months old
and under
1 year old



Stamped for Quality!

Our goal is to ensure the quality of our goat meat and produce meets your expectations. We constantly monitor and measure our supplies, and insist you get the best, but it's you our customers that are our ultimate judges.

Please tell us if we are getting it right, we are listening!

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